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Places in Albania with BL

Search and find places in Albania with first letters BL.

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Alphabetical index of places in Albania with BL

There are 24 places in Albania beginning with 'BL' (in alphabetical order).
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Blace   to   Blush
Places in Albania with BL
Blace Blacë1.Korce Korçë-
Blat Blat2.Diber Dibër-
Blate Blatë3.Elbasan Elbasan-
Blate Blatë4.Elbasan Elbasan-
Bleran Bleran5.Shkoder Shkodër-
Blerim Blerim6.Shkoder Shkodër-
Blerimaj Blerimaj7.Tirane Tiranë-
Blerimas Blerimas8.Vlore Vlorë-
Bletas Bletas9.Korce Korçë-
Bletez Bletëz10.Elbasan Elbasan-
Bletez Bletëz11.Vlore Vlorë-
Blezencke Blezënckë12.Berat Berat-
Blinisht Blinisht13.Lezhe Lezhë-
Blinisht Blinisht14.Lezhe Lezhë-
Blinisht Blinisht15.Shkoder Shkodër-
Blir Blir16.Berat Berat-
Blishte Blishtë17.Diber Dibër5
Bllac Bllac18.Vlore Vlorë-
Bllace Bllacë19.Diber Dibër-
Bllata e Eperme Bllata e Epërme20.Diber Dibër-
Bllata e Poshteme Bllata e Poshtëme21.Diber Dibër-
Bllate Bllatë22.Kukes Kukës-
Bllice Blliçë23.Diber Dibër-
Blush Blush24.Korce Korçë-

1 - 24 of 24 places