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Places in Albania with BU

Search and find places in Albania with first letters BU.

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Alphabetical index of places in Albania with BU

There are 63 places in Albania beginning with 'BU' (in alphabetical order).
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Page 1:   Bual   to   Bushtrice
Places in Albania with BU
Bual Bual1.Gjirokaster Gjirokastër-
Bubes Bubës2.Gjirokaster Gjirokastër-
Bubq Bubq3.Durres Durrës-
Bubullime Bubullimë4.Fier Fier-
Bubuq Bubuq5.Korce Korçë-
Bucimas Buçimas6.Korce Korçë-
Budac Budaç7.Shkoder Shkodër-
Budane Budanë8.Elbasan Elbasan5
Budulla Budulla9.Durres Durrës-
Bufaj Bufaj10.Fier Fier-
Bufaj Bufaj11.Fier Fier-
Bugjon Bugjon12.Shkoder Shkodër-
Buhot Buhot13.Shkoder Shkodër-
Bujan Bujan14.Kukes Kukës-
Bujaras Bujaras15.Elbasan Elbasan-
Bujqes Bujqës16.Elbasan Elbasan-
Bukemire Bukëmirë17.Lezhe Lezhë-
Bukmire Bukmirë18.Shkoder Shkodër-
Bukove Bukovë19.Kukes Kukës-
Bulac Bulaç20.Diber Dibër-
Bulagarec Bulagarec21.Korce Korçë-
Bularat Bularat22.Gjirokaster Gjirokastër-
Bulcar Bulçar23.Elbasan Elbasan-
Bulcesh Bulçesh24.Tirane Tiranë-
Bulgurit Bulgurit25.Elbasan Elbasan-
Bulo Bulo26.Gjirokaster Gjirokastër-
Bulqize Bulqizë27.Diber Dibër11,212
Bulshar Bulshar28.Lezhe Lezhë-
Bulshize Bulshizë29.Lezhe Lezhë-
Bultice Bulticë30.Tirane Tiranë-
Bunavi Bunavi31.Vlore Vlorë-
Bungaj Bungaj32.Lezhe Lezhë-
Buqeze Buqezë33.Korce Korçë-
Buran Buran34.Durres Durrës-
Burg Burg35.Shkoder Shkodër-
Burgajet Burgajet36.Diber Dibër-
Burim Burim37.Diber Dibër-
Burimas Burimas38.Korce Korçë-
Burimas Burimas39.Tirane Tiranë-
Burizane Burizanë40.Durres Durrës-
Buronje Buronjë41.Vlore Vlorë-
Burranj Burranj42.Berat Berat-
Burrel Burrel43.Diber Dibër15,405
Bush Bush44.Durres Durrës-
Bushat Bushat45.Kukes Kukës-
Bushat Bushat46.Shkoder Shkodër-
Bushat Bushat47.Shkoder Shkodër-
Bushkash Bushkash48.Diber Dibër-
Bushnesh Bushnesh49.Durres Durrës-
Bushtrice Bushtricë50.Kukes Kukës-

1 - 50 of 63 places
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