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Largest places in Albania

The largest cities and places in Albania at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Albania.

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Largest places in Albania
Tirana Tirana1.Tirane Tiranë374,801
Durres Durrës2.Durres Durrës122,034
Elbasan Elbasan3.Elbasan Elbasan100,903
Vlore Vlorë4.Vlore Vlorë89,546
Shkoder Shkodër5.Shkoder Shkodër88,245
Korce Korçë6.Korce Korçë58,259
Fier Fier7.Fier Fier56,297
Berat Berat8.Berat Berat46,866
Lushnje Lushnjë9.Fier Fier41,469
Kavaje Kavajë10.Tirane Tiranë29,354
Lac Laç11.Lezhe Lezhë24,825
Gjirokaster Gjirokastër12.Gjirokaster Gjirokastër23,437
Patos Fshat Patos Fshat13.Fier Fier22,679
Kruje Krujë14.Durres Durrës21,286
Lezhe Lezhë15.Lezhe Lezhë18,695
Kucove Kuçovë16.Berat Berat18,166
Kukes Kukës17.Kukes Kukës17,832
Burrel Burrel18.Diber Dibër15,405
Sarande Sarandë19.Vlore Vlorë15,147
Peshkopi Peshkopi20.Diber Dibër14,848
Cerrik Cërrik21.Elbasan Elbasan14,269
Shijak Shijak22.Durres Durrës14,138
Corovode Çorovodë23.Berat Berat14,046
Librazhd-Qender Librazhd-Qendër24.Elbasan Elbasan12,691
Tepelene Tepelenë25.Gjirokaster Gjirokastër11,955
Gramsh Gramsh26.Elbasan Elbasan11,556
Bulqize Bulqizë27.Diber Dibër11,212
Kamez Kamëz28.Tirane Tiranë11,026
Permet Përmet29.Gjirokaster Gjirokastër10,686
Polican Poliçan30.Berat Berat10,663
Fushe-Kruje Fushë-Krujë31.Durres Durrës10,458
Ballsh Ballsh32.Fier Fier10,361
Rreshen Rrëshen33.Lezhe Lezhë10,064
Mamurras Mamurras34.Lezhe Lezhë8,282
Erseke Ersekë35.Korce Korçë7,890
Peqin Peqin36.Elbasan Elbasan7,513
Bilisht Bilisht37.Korce Korçë7,114
Selenice Selenicë38.Vlore Vlorë6,912
Roskovec Roskovec39.Fier Fier6,657
Puke Pukë40.Shkoder Shkodër6,495
Rrogozhine Rrogozhinë41.Tirane Tiranë5,620
Vore Vorë42.Tirane Tiranë4,973
Memaliaj Memaliaj43.Gjirokaster Gjirokastër4,951
Kelcyre Këlcyrë44.Gjirokaster Gjirokastër4,900
Ura Vajgurore Ura Vajgurore45.Berat Berat4,893
Himare Himarë46.Vlore Vlorë4,596
Koplik Koplik47.Shkoder Shkodër4,078
Perrenjas-Fshat Përrenjas-Fshat48.Elbasan Elbasan4,015
Delvine Delvinë49.Vlore Vlorë3,916
Maliq Maliq50.Korce Korçë3,735

1 - 50 of 68 places
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