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Places in Albania with MU

Search and find places in Albania with first letters MU.

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Alphabetical index of places in Albania with MU

There are 59 places in Albania beginning with 'MU' (in alphabetical order).
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Places in Albania with MU
Muc Muç1.Berat Berat-
Mucaj Muçaj2.Fier Fier-
Mucaj Muçaj3.Fier Fier-
Mucaj Muçaj4.Fier Fier-
Mucaj Muçaj5.Kukes Kukës-
Mucaj Muçaj6.Tirane Tiranë-
Mucan Muçan7.Elbasan Elbasan-
Mucej Mucej8.Shkoder Shkodër-
Mucias Muçias9.Fier Fier-
Muhader Muhadër10.Kukes Kukës-
Muharremaj Muharremaj11.Durres Durrës-
Mujaj Mujaj12.Kukes Kukës-
Mujalli Mujalli13.Fier Fier-
Mukaj Mukaj14.Elbasan Elbasan-
Mukje Mukje15.Durres Durrës-
Mulaj Mulaj16.Kukes Kukës-
Mulaj Mulaj17.Kukes Kukës-
Mulitaj Mulitaj18.Berat Berat-
Mullahaj Mullahaj19.Gjirokaster Gjirokastër-
Mullahaj Mullahaj20.Gjirokaster Gjirokastër-
Mullaj Mullaj21.Fier Fier-
Mullet Mullet22.Tirane Tiranë-
Mullias Mullias23.Diber Dibër-
Mullini i Danit Mullini i Danit24.Durres Durrës-
Mumajes Mumajes25.Tirane Tiranë-
Munaz Munaz26.Lezhe Lezhë-
Munege Munegë27.Lezhe Lezhë-
Muneke Munekë28.Kukes Kukës-
Munushtir Munushtir29.Berat Berat-
Murat Bejas Murat Bejas30.Elbasan Elbasan-
Murataj Murataj31.Diber Dibër-
Muriq Muriq32.Shkoder Shkodër-
Muriqan Muriqan33.Elbasan Elbasan-
Muriqan Muriqan34.Shkoder Shkodër-
Murisht Murisht35.Gjirokaster Gjirokastër-
Murqine Murqinë36.Durres Durrës-
Murras Murras37.Elbasan Elbasan-
Murre Murrë38.Diber Dibër-
Murris Murris39.Vlore Vlorë-
Murriz Murriz40.Fier Fier-
Murriz Murriz41.Tirane Tiranë-
Murriz-Kozare Murriz-Kozarë42.Fier Fier-
Mursi Mursi43.Vlore Vlorë-
Murtajas Murtajas44.Fier Fier-
Murtez Murtez45.Fier Fier-
Murth Murth46.Tirane Tiranë-
Mushan Mushan47.Shkoder Shkodër-
Mushnik Mushnik48.Tirane Tiranë-
Mushqeta Mushqeta49.Tirane Tiranë-
Mushte Mushtë50.Shkoder Shkodër-

1 - 50 of 59 places
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